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TPK Zine RPG TPK Publishing
TPK Zine RPG TPK Publishing

TPK Zine

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TPK is a zine dedicated to exploring and celebrating horror, dark fantasy and the Old School Revival movement role playing games (OSR). TPK is the culmination of a love of tabletop role-playing and the horror genre stretching back over 30 years. 

TPK Zine Issue 1 collects essays, articles and reflections on:

  • the history of Horror RPGs by Stu Horvath (Vintage RPG)
  • the history of the art of Dungeons and Dragons by Roy Ananda
  • horror, helplessness and game mechanics in RPGs
  • how to incorporate horror themes into any RPG

Includes contributions from Sean McCoy (Mothership), Luka Rejec (the Ultra Violet Grasslands, Witchburner), Lukasz Kolodziej (FIREBALL!), Alex T (Black Oath Games), Christoffer Sevaldsen (Black Void Games), Johan Nohr & Pelle Nillson (MORK BORG).

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