The Midnight Codex: Episode Three

The Midnight Codex: Episode Three

Meta Mage Studios

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The Midnight Codex is an episodic, one-page, tabletop role-playing series using the Omen Method (The same game system used to power Short Order Apocalypse).

In it, payers are thrust into the roles of would-be spell casters as they attempt to solve mysteries, take on nightmarish creatures, and try to prevent the world from collapsing into total chaos and its impending destruction.

Each new exciting episode is designed to be played as a one-shot story and can be played in any order you choose. However, each episode can also be chained together to advanced the overall meta-plot of the game as it unfolds each month.

It’s only been a couple of weeks since you’ve stepped past the veil into the supernatural, and now it’s all starting to feel uncomfortably normal. Magic, werewolves, vampire bureaucrats, supernatural drug rings, none of this should feel natural, but somehow… it does.

However, there’s no rest for the weary. Just as you thought you were getting the hang of things; fate throws you another curveball. Cassandra Casanova has declared hunting season on all werewolves, for a single night, for poaching on her territory.

She intends to return the favor in the most diplomatic way possible, by limiting the hunt to their domain of Little Five Points and allowing those who don’t wish to fight take refuge outside of Little Five. But only if they swear loyalty to the King and Queen first.

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