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The Conjurer's Companion

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The Midnight Codex is an episodic, one-page, tabletop role-playing series using the Omen Method (The same game system used to power Short Order Apocalypse).

In it, payers are thrust into the roles of would-be spell casters as they attempt to solve mysteries, take on nightmarish creatures, and try to prevent the world from collapsing into total chaos and its impending destruction.

Each new exciting episode is designed to be played as a one-shot story and can be played in any order you choose. However, each episode can also be chained together to advanced the overall meta-plot of the game as it unfolds each month.

The Conjurer’s Companion is a guide full of helpful hints and additional information for The Midnight Codex role-playing game series. This guide can’t be used alone and requires a copy of the core rules for The Midnight Codex.

What's inside?

In a one-page RPG, a lot of things have to be assumed of the players and GM, like knowing what an RPG is and how to run one from scratch. The Conjurer’s Guide is a booklet to help both players and GMs expand their gaming experience by drawing attention to some of the more nuanced things about The Midnight Codex by providing some useful tips.

Inside you’ll find 8 sections that cover different aspects of running and playing a game. These Include, The Golden Rule, Paradox Stories, Tracking Wins and Losses, Session Rewards, Using New Mechanics, Locations and NPCs, Creating Your Own Stories, and even rules for handling Death. All in just one page!

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