Briar & Bramble RPG Freddie Taylor-Bell
Briar & Bramble RPG Freddie Taylor-Bell
Briar & Bramble RPG Freddie Taylor-Bell
Briar & Bramble RPG Freddie Taylor-Bell

Briar & Bramble

Freddie Taylor-Bell

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Man came to our woodlands with axes, hounds, and fire.

They tore down the old oak, where the birds made their nests.

They built upon the glade, where the deer used to roam.

They cast us to the wind and forced us from our home.

Only together may we wayward souls find a new place to call our own.

Play as a community of wayward animals in search of a new home in Briar & Bramble, a community focused roleplaying game crafted in the heart of the English woodlands.

The Game

A wild world

Explore the english countryside, pass through overgrown woodlands, cross raging rivers, make your way through human lands all in search for a new home.

Build a community

Create a collective of miss-matched woodland creatures who are all putting their differences aside and are working together to overcome whatever may come their way.

Everyone plays their part

When making a character you’ll choose a Playbook based on your role within the community; Each having its own distinct themes, playbook specific moves, and a defining moment.

All animals welcome

Just because the game is set in the English countryside, doesn't mean you can’t be a rascally raccoon. All are welcome in the community.


The key thematic inspirations for Briar & Bramble are darker tales of animals such as The Animals of Farthing Wood by Colin Dann and Watership Down by Richard Adams. The name was inspired by the song Detectorists by Johnny Flynn.

Powered by the Apocalypse - Vincent & Meguey Baker

Simple World - Avery Alder

Skeleton World - Cromlyn Games

Vision Based Games Design - Artificer Games

Lines & Veils - Ron Edwards

The X-Card - John Stavropoulos


Games Design & Writing - Freddie Taylor-Bell

The Flock Playbook - Dennis Salvaty

Artwork - Kristin Olsen Askland

Handouts - Harald Eckmüller

Editing - Steven Ticehurst

Woodland Advice - Lefty

Design Consultant - Chloe Montgomery

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