The Midnight Codex: Episode Ten

The Midnight Codex: Episode Ten

Meta Mage Studios

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The Midnight Codex is an episodic, one-page, tabletop role-playing series using the Omen Method (The same game system used to power Short Order Apocalypse).

In it, payers are thrust into the roles of would-be spell casters as they attempt to solve mysteries, take on nightmarish creatures, and try to prevent the world from collapsing into total chaos and its impending destruction.

Each new exciting episode is designed to be played as a one-shot story and can be played in any order you choose. However, each episode can also be chained together to advanced the overall meta-plot of the game as it unfolds each month. 

It’s only been a few days since the snow storm. Images from the gruesome murder scene at the Parallel Star Resort relentlessly seep into your dreams. Nightmarish visions of bloody dismemberment, gang wars, evil spirits, vampires, and more torment you - making it all but impossible to sleep.

Yet, no matter how hard you fight it, eventually you must rest. Your eyes grow heavy and you drift off once again, for what seems like an eternity. When you awaken, you and your coven discover that your wrists and ankles are bound in iron chains in what appears to be a medieval styled prison.

There are no windows, the walls are made of solid stone, and a single door made of iron bars lay before you. Rats nibble of the carcass of a former inmate and only dirt and straw lay beneath your feet. “Good Evening ”, says a familiar voice as you lift your eyes to meet the gaze of the Queen of Fairy.

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