The Midnight Codex: Episode Five

The Midnight Codex: Episode Five

Meta Mage Studios

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The Midnight Codex is an episodic, one-page, tabletop role-playing series using the Omen Method (The same game system used to power Short Order Apocalypse).

In it, payers are thrust into the roles of would-be spell casters as they attempt to solve mysteries, take on nightmarish creatures, and try to prevent the world from collapsing into total chaos and its impending destruction.

Each new exciting episode is designed to be played as a one-shot story and can be played in any order you choose. However, each episode can also be chained together to advanced the overall meta-plot of the game as it unfolds each month.

Several nights have gone by since the heist and you’re grateful for the much-needed break from the “spooky” side of things. Well rested, you stumble out into your living room and turn on the TV to watch the morning news.

There, plastered across every local news station, are the faces of you and your companions. Implications of homicide, drug trafficking, riots, evading the police, and now robbery; scroll across the screen. To your horror, pictures of you and your coven are shown at every crime scene, and a reward for assisting in your arrest is listed at the bottom along with a phone number to call.

Suddenly, as if things couldn’t get worse, someone start’s pounding on your front door. “Open up! Police! We have a warrant for your arrest for the murder of Anabelle La ‘Fey”. You manage to slip out the back door without notice just as they break in.

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