The Door Locks Behind You
The Door Locks Behind You

The Door Locks Behind You


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You are the Champion of your people, the most skilled, or smartest, or strongest of your tribe...and so is the rest of your party.

Using only the items in your pack you must claim the pieces of the ancient Relic of Power, the only thing capable of sealing away the Tyrant who terrorizes your lands.

These Relic pieces are locked away in dungeons, warped by the Tyrant into puzzling labyrinths filled with Monsters.

Collect the key items, defeat the monsters, unlock the doors.

The Door Locks Behind You is a tabletop role-playing game for 2-5 players including one game master. The game strives to recreate the gameplay of The Legend of Zelda series in an old school TTRPG context by using an item-focused system that puts player ingenuity and resource management at the forefront.