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Sunderwald Long Tail Games
Sunderwald Long Tail Games
Sunderwald Long Tail Games


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Welcome to the Riven Woods

In the center of the kingdom of Realm, there exists a dark and unsettling forest. 

It is known as the Sunderwald. 

This is a game about how the woods change us, and how we change the woods. It features a complete, stand-alone game with character creation, enemies, advancement, the whole deal.

It is also a legacy tabletop roleplaying game. During play, you will physically and permanently modify this book. Do not be afraid. 

Scar. The. Book. 


Sunderwald is ultimately scheduled for Kickstarter in 2022 in a beautiful hardcover, full-color edition with all Joana's lovely art on a deck of tarot cards. 

So... what is the Sidequest edition? Like everything at Long Tail, it's an experiment. 

Firstly, I wanted to join the exciting project at Sidequest (seriously - check out the other games when you get a chance). Secondly, it's a chance to bring Sunderwald to gamers as early as possible, to build momentum and gather feedback ahead of the Kickstarter campaign. Thirdly, the Sidequest edition will frankly be a lot cheaper. 

In a time of skyrocketing production values - not to mention the printing and shipping crisis you may have heard about - this edition allows Long Tail to bring Sunderwald to your table quicker, cheaper, and with less risk for everybody involved. 

So what's different about this edition? 

  • The cover is different (softcover)
  • The illustrations are different (black and white) 
  • There are no physical cards (you'll only receive the digital versions)

As for what's the same in both editions... the game text itself is absolutely finished and complete. Although we reserve the right to have cool ideas and make updates, this edition will be everything you need to play and enjoy the game.