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In the Hollow of the Spider Queen
In the Hollow of the Spider Queen
In the Hollow of the Spider Queen
In the Hollow of the Spider Queen

In the Hollow of the Spider Queen

Trail of Dice

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The great Spider Queen lies dead at the border of the human lands,
laid low by the order of your mother, Queen Alyria.

Now, fearing for your life in the ensuing turmoil, you have fled the palace at Bastow,
seeking the relative safety of anonymity on the open road.

What secrets will you uncover as you explore the continent you’ve never seen?
​What creatures will you meet, and how will your fates intertwine, for good or for ill?

A complete roleplaying game for one GM and one player, set in a world of gritty fantasy where magic is slowly slipping away.

  • Inspired by old-school fantasy
  • Focused on nonviolent resolution
  • Random tables on nearly every page
  • Powered by the Apocalypse

Character Creation
World-building begins as soon as you start: the GM will ask you a feel questions, and you'll get the chance to add important details about the world. Then, just select your stat levels and character goals, roll up your Hit Points, Resolve Points, and Gold, and you're all set. (Check out the character creation chapter in the preview on DriveThruRPG.)

Provides an "OSR experience" of exploration and limited initial information, while promoting options for conflict resolution other than hacking and slashing. NPCs always want something from you, and probably don't want to die.

While there are multiple examples of PBtA "moves" throughout the text, these are not codified for the player... the GM is encouraged to adhere to rulings not rules, and come up with a robust set of consequences for dice rolls on-the-fly.

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