Fallen RPG Perplexing Ruins
Fallen RPG Perplexing Ruins
Fallen RPG Perplexing Ruins
Fallen RPG Perplexing Ruins


Perplexing Ruins

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Fallen is a 44 page tabletop role-playing game set in a supernatural world analogous to the 17th & 18th centuries. Stagecoaches pound over muddy lanes through the woods, the light of its two lanterns a gauzy haze in the descending mist. Donning a splattered and torn long coat and tricorne hat, your Rogue desperately hangs on to the rear of the bounding vehicle while taking aim at the shrieking creature that pursues your party. The mission? To get the last archivist with knowledge of damning evidence safely to the town. One silver bullet left!

Investigate haunted mills. Holdover in cider-serving taverns, pursue the headless apparition terrorizing the countryside. Pursue werewolves through the night.

  • A classless 2d6 + bonus system allows for degrees of narrative action be it a Success, Complication or Miss
  • A skills system that is based on narrative action; you won't be rolling for strength or swimming, but Crafting, Mending, Incantations, and Venturing
  • A dice pool magic system of Incantations
  • Utilizes an Inventory and Gear Usage Die mechanic
  • An advancement system that lets you grow mundane items into notable Magical Items
  • Simply statted creaturesusing a malleable Rank system
  • A travel system based on Way Points 
  • Numerous tables and prompts to generate content
  • The degrees of success mechanics, the narrative-forward approach, and the numerous generator tables also allow solo players to use Fallen easily.

Fallen tries to convey a sense of otherness. It is inspired by the strange confluence of the old and the modern: Alchemy, esoteric thought, mystics, folklore, the supernatural, modern warfare, science, religion. It is my hope, with these books, that your table can inhabit these spaces.