Below the Forest of the Dead RPG Creature Curation

Below the Forest of the Dead

Creature Curation

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An important merchant convoy has gone missing beneath the Forest of the Dead. They were last seen entering the tunnels that run from below the Forest of the Dead to the Valley of Despair. The magical wardens that keep the Unliving contained within the forest above have been weakening, making the convoy’s disappearance all the more worrisome. Rumors have spread that new uncharted tunnels have been discovered in the passages where the merchants disappeared. Can you find the convoy and guide them out of the Forest alive?

52 configurable dungeon cards
Folded booklet with room contents listed for each card

Original content created specifically for 5e and for Fate
New monsters from Revilo
Full PDF module with in-depth description and narrative for each room and overarching story

Download 5E Module