Abilities Considered Unnatural RPG Joel Hines
Abilities Considered Unnatural RPG Joel Hines
Abilities Considered Unnatural RPG Joel Hines

Abilities Considered Unnatural

Joel Hines

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Abilities Considered Unnatural is a 56-page dungeon crawl through a temple-mine full of plasma blade wielding zealots for the Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG. 

It's not a story the corporation would tell you.

Twenty years ago, the miners found something deep in the rock of an isolated rimworld. The anomaly granted some of them strange and horrifying powers. They turned their glowing proton augers on the oppressive overseers of the Sharpe Mining Corporation and claimed the mine for their own. In time, they converted it into a temple to a strange new creed. Subsequent attempts by the company to reclaim the mine and the strange anomaly below have led to the total loss of every mercenary team they have sent.

The Board of Directors has tired of these expenses and approved one final attempt to retrieve the object before they flatten both the mine and the neighboring company town of Sable with an orbital bombardment to constrain the spread of this cult.

When the freelancers touch down, they get to know the sorry souls stuck in the old town, infiltrate the cult’s sanctum filled with fanatical miner warriors and terrifying beasts, and learn why the locals whisper that these fanatics have... abilities considered unnatural.

With some stat block surgery,  Abilities Considered Unnatural is a great module for any of your other sci-fi RPGs of choice as well.

Inspirations include Star WarsAliens, historical labor disputes, and adventures like The Caverns of ThraciaT1: The Village of Hommlet, and Halls of the Blood King.